Telehealth Exercise Physiology Consultations

During this COVID19 Crisis life & business are changing & adapting to keep health & safety as the number one priority.

I am excited to announce that Telehealth Consultations are now available for Exercise Physiology at Mara'a Massage & Wellness Clinic at Bangor. This mean that rehabilitative exercise interventions can now also delivered via Telehealth (Online). Yes, this is different but it means that we can still get results & still complete rehabilitation whilst implementing positive self-care.

During this COVID19 Crisis exercise is important as regular physical activity helps to boost immunity. Exercise helps fight stress hormones as well. Some people may have (reduced) their daily activities due to remaining at home but that will not help build exercise tolerance /capacity. Disuse atrophy (muscle strength power and endurance loss) can occur.

One positive from this situation is that you may  find you have more time to exercise! Yay! We can use this time to better manage our health &  medical conditions.

Telehealth is a great opportunity to invest in your health, wellness and rehabilitation & it can all be done whilst adhering to the social distancing rules.

During a Telehealth consult I use a safe, secure & encoded online platform to facilitate the services. I use Physiapp for the video consultation. This is a free App that I will link you to. I will create your rehabilitative exercise program during treatments & you will see the be given an access code that will allow you to view it in this app. During a Telehealth consultation I ask you to be online & then an invitation will be sent within the Physiapp Program.

There are online form & questionnaires which I will also send you via an email. This will link you to my Halaxy Patient Database Management System. This will take you to a page & you need to enter the access code that comes in a separate email. Allow yourself at least 15 mins or more to complete these questions. It may take you longer. Completing these forms will mean we can get into the “physical side of treatment” sooner.

For Telehealth consultations all you need is access to a computer with a camera & microphone (laptop is best). Have this set up in a room with good internet reception & good lighting. Wear comfortable tight exercise clothing so I can see your joints. Have any home-based exercise equipment nearby so I can know the home equipment that we can utilise. If possible, have some room to move around you so we can exercise & video call at the same time!

The same sort of interventions can be provided via Telehealth as they would be in a face to face setting. Exercise Physiology is easily a hands-off treatment modality so it’s kind of “business as per usual” for me. The interventions however will not be prescribed for community gyms due to their closure during COVID19.

Anyone who has a rehabilitative gym-based training program should book in to create a home-based rehabilitation program. Exercise at home can still deliver treatment results.

It’s exciting to have Telehealth up & running in my Clinic Mara's Massage & Wellness Clinic. If you have any questions please give me a call.

So… to get started contact me, Tamara (Accredited Exercise Physiologist) to find an appropriate time. See you online soon!

Tamara ~ AEP & Owner of Mara’s Massage & Wellness Clinic