NSW Health has ongoing advice and directives regarding COVID19. I am frequently checking the NSW Health website for information that will help ensure safety for my clients and myself. This is a team effort, however! I will send through a COVID Screening Questionnaire via email prior to an appointment. Please complete this prior to attending. Please ensure that you have not been exposed to the virus prior to attending the Clinic.

Please cancel an appointment if you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with anyone unwell in the last 7-10 days. If unsure please contact me on 0415 867 903. Please check with your Doctor and also the NSW Health website for information about what to do. It is important that you get tested if you present with any symptoms and follow any directives to isolate if required.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance during this time. Contact me, Tamara, on 0415 867 903 if you have any questions about booking an appointment.

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Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is an different to existing massage therapy techniques & allows safe work for complications of cancer/cancer treatment.  Anyone who has ever received treatment for cancer, those in active treatment & those in recovery or survivor-ship as well as those at the end of life are best suited to Oncology Massage.

In an Oncology Massage initial appointment discussions will include a wide variety of questions including:

  • History of cancer treatment
  • Tumor site &/or metastasis
  • Blood cell counts
  • Lymph nodes & any node removal or involvement
  • Blood clots or risk of clotting
  • Medications
  • Vital organ involvement
  • Scars
  • Fragile areas
  • Medical devices
  • Fatigue, pain &/or neuropathy
  • Alterations to sensations
  • Changes after treatment
  • Plan ahead

Understanding the above is essential to ensuring a safe tailored massage specific to your situation with the focus on supporting your well-being.

See further information about Oncology Massage at the following websites:

What Are the Benefit of Oncology Massage?

Cancer Council Australia has a great resource which list the benefits of Oncology Massage. See the link below for further information. Their scientific studies have shown that massage may reduce:

- Pain
- Fatigue
- Nausea
- Anxiety & depression.

Massage during cancer treatments has been reported by individuals to have a variety of positive outcomes such as improvements in:

- Sleep
- The health of the scar tissue
- Quality of life
- Mental clarity & alertness
- The range of movement

Oncology Massage Consultations

Oncology Massage is a light touch slow flow massage modality that is tailored to help better manage your condition.

Initially a one hour consultation is best to complete the initial health questions & a treatment. The duration of treatments for future appointment will then be discussed & agreed to by both parties. Often a regular 30 min treatments is well suited to obtain the benefits of massage. Sometimes treatment duration's may be derived by you blood test results, symptoms, sleep & or health condition & I will discuss/determine this with you.

Further Questions?

Check out the FAQ page for further information & commonly asked questions. If you have further questions give me a call to discuss it.

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Online Bookings Available

Please click the link on the right to book online. If you wish to check availability within the next 24 hours please contact Tamara on 0415 867 903.