Owner & Therapist ~ Tamara Hammond


Tamara Hammond

Owner of Mara's Massage & Wellness Clinic

Remedial / Oncology Massage Therapist

& Accredited Exercise Physiologist

I'm a proactive, passionate, positively driven professional who is kind in nature, enthusiastic & dedicated. I seek to improve soft tissue & body functioning by tailoring massage treatment according to each individuals needs.

I have over a decade's worth of experience working within the health & fitness industry & has a clear understanding of the bio-mechanics of the body.

I practice the following modes of massage: remedial, Swedish/effleurage, sports, relaxation, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, neuromuscular techniques, myofascial release, light touch massage, oncology massage, thermotherapy, seated massage & pre/post natal massage. I have skills & experience in complex & chronic health conditions.

Qualifications and Training

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage -  Australia College of Massage Member of AMT
  • Bachelor or Exercise Science of Rehabilitation Honours - UOW ESSA Member
  • Oncology Massage (Module 1 & 2) - Oncology Massage Training
  • Certificate IV in Massage Therapy - Q Academy
  • Senior First Aid & CPR - CBD College
  • Teacher of Swimming & Water Safety - AUSTSWIM
  • Certificate III Fitness Gym Instructor - Fitness Institute Australia

My Approach

Life is so busy & there are many demands on us physically & mentally. Over time things can accumulate & takes it toll on our body. However, we have One Body for Life! Practicing positive self care (actively looking after yourself) along the way through all stages of life is essential.

At Mara's Massage & Wellness Clinic in Bangor NSW & as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Accredited Exercise Scientist, Remedial & Oncology Massage Therapist I am passionate about helping people better look after themselves in all stages of life.

Massage & exercise have many benefits & my training as a Remedial/ Oncology Massage Therapist & as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist/Scientist provides a unique insightful approach to treating a variety of conditions.

I tailor treatments to your specific needs in regards to your health conditions & concerns as it's One Body for Life & NOW IS THE TIME to care for YOU!

Give me a call or click the "book online now button" to find an appointment time now in my home based clinic in Bangor NSW.

My Story

I began massaging in high school during lunch times & in the dance & drama studio as well as one the side lines of the ovals. As a teenager, I danced many hours per week. Massage was an essential tool that I used to look after myself. I loved having a massage. I knew & had experienced its positive effects whether it was to help relax or treat a particular complaint. I often used self-massage in the dance studio & on the gym floor.

At the completion of high school I achieved positions in both a Diploma of Remedial Massage & a Bachelor of Exercise Science & Rehabilitation Honours at UOW. I chose to head off to university where I completed my 4 years Degree & became an Accredited Exercise Scientist & Accredited Exercise Physiologist (Allied Health Professional) in 2007. I began working as an Exercise Physiologist straight after graduating.

Once working in the field i was reminded of the benefits of soft tissue work & recognised this as an essential tool. I became frustrated that my University Degree & qualifications did not allow me to Massage or complete soft tissue work. Working along side with Physiotherapists as an Exercise Physiologist & Physiotherapist Aid I was taught various hand skills & massage techniques which I totally enjoyed so I decided to train in Massage.

I completed my Certificate IV in Massage at Q Academy in 2012 & I opened my home based clinic Mara's Massage & Wellness Clinic in Bangor NSW. I have been seeing clients ever since & love the blessing of helping people invest in their health & wellness as well as better manage injuries &/or chronic health conditions/concerns.

The various hours that Massage & Exercise Physiology appointments have mean that people are still having difficulties accessing assistance to better mange their health.

I have steadily built Mara's Massage & Wellness Clinic to try to help more people more often. In 2015, I completed my Diploma of Remedial Massage & that allowed clients to claim using their health funds. I also completed Oncology Massage Training (Level III Certified) as the incidence of cancer in Australian are alarming & massage for those with Cancer is so beneficial. I am listed on the Oncology Massage website as a trained Oncology Massage Therapist, National Breast Cancer Network Australia & Outsmart Cancer.

If you have any questions please call me (Tamara) on 0415 867903 50 discuss or book an appointment.

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